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What is P.C.C?

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (P.C.C) is manufactured by the reaction of dissolved Carbon dioxide with suspension of Calcium hydroxide under varied conditions to obtain different crystal STRUCTURE, SHAPE and PARTICLE SIZE. Various properties for end use applications can be infused into the P.C.C by virtue of precise reaction controls.
The specific structure, shape and particle size of P.C.C facilitates processing of a polymer matrix and subsequently the physicomechanical properties of the end product.P.C.C is one of unique class of extender which can be classified as a multifunctional product providing an outstanding cost / performance opportunity.
The surface treated P.C.C (Activated Calcium Carbonate) allows good dispersibility in polymer mix and gives higher loading / output besides improved surface gloss, degree of whiteness and good weathering resistance. 

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Vs Ground Calcium Carbonate
                                      PCC                                          GCC
1.  Process                       Precipitation & Refining                Simple grinding
2.  Particle Shape             Rhombohedral/Scalenohedral        Undefined
3.  Particle Structure         Calcitic                                        Undefined
4.  Particle Size                Much lower                                   ---
5.  Purity                          >97%                                           <95%
6.  Density                        2.6 (Lighter)                                  2.7
7.  Abrasiveness                Nil                                               Present
8.  Coating                        Uniform (Wet coated)                    Non-uniform (Dry coated)
9.  Dispersibility                 Better than GCC                            ---
10. Whiteness                   >98%                                          <96%