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General Mineral Industries Co L.L.C. (GMI) is a dedicated producer of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (EMICAL BRAND) situated in Ajman, UAE and was formed in the year 2001. GMI is pioneer in this business in the entire Middle East region with technical infusion from Cyprus.
Our major shareholders are M/S National Paints Sharjah, which is a large business house based in UAE. Over past 25 years, it has established into a well consolidated group consisting of operations in many Middle East countries besides Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and India & our main thrust is on backward integration.
The annual productive design capacity is nominal 15000 TPA with excellent infrastructure to offer expansion. The state of art plant in Ajman allows various operational and control facilities, which provide flexibility to produce various grades and align the Precipitated Calcium Carbonate as per customer’s requirements
We are backed by a team of well-qualified and experienced personnel from the industry, which forms the basis for quality production and development activities. Our team helps us to achieve unparallel success in the industry. 
Why Us?
The Precipitated Calcium Carbonate is well accepted in markets by virtue of good quality of feedstock and technology. The company plans to explore markets besides GCC countries in view of its available capacity, product attributes, utility function and cost benefits. The Precipitated Calcium Carbonate has been able to create positive image of the company.