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PCC For Paint

Our PCC For Paint is commonly used in Paint Industry as it has high refractive index and chemical purity. The PCC For Paint, offered by us, has narrow particle size distribution so it spreads uniformly and counteracts flocculation of TiO2 for achieving maximum light scattering. Our PCC For Paint also helps in improving dry hiding as it provides filler or air interfaces with significant refractive index difference.
PCC For Paint is widely used as a combination with TiO2. This combination produces cost effective dispersion paints. To be used in different types of emulsion paints, our PCC For Paint is used up to 10 to 15 % for exterior paints and gloss paints and 15 to 20 % for interior paints. 
Grades :
  • SIGMA P4b
  • SIGMA P3

    Hegman gauge reading


    Properties Advantage
     Density  Increase in volume and Antisettling property.
     Particle shape  Higher Opacity.
     Brightness  Improves degree of whiteness & partial replacement of  Titanium
     Particle size  Best Opacity, Hiding power & Light Scattering.
     Facilitates Easy Dispersion.
     Oil Absorption  High hiding power at low amount of binder.
     Flowpoint  Allows % reducation in thickener